Manager Training Manual

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Store Operations


Store Operations involve all operations within the store.
Information Systems cover the MVL Intranet, ACENET, Eagle Browser, Point Of Sale, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and computer/internet policies. 
Financials & Revenue/Sales cover budgeting basics and procedures, performance reports, ACE Rewards and Craft Club programs, and sundry income.
Opening & Closing Procedures cover opening and closing procedures for the stores.
Inventory Maintenance covers all of the procedures used to ensure accurate inventory counts, the different types of items, and the programs and applications that deal with inventory maintenance.
Accounting covers office procedures.
Purchasing/Ordering covers the different types and systems of ordering.
Receiving covers the receiving procedures of the stores.
Asset Protection covers shrinkage and loss prevention.
Safety covers store safety procedures and emergency action plans.
Customer Service covers customer service policies, customer complaint resolution methods, and customer service assessment programs.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly covers the daily, weekly, monthly tasks and procedures.
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