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ACE Orders

Merchandise Check In
~ACE Orders are not checked in, “blind received”, as a result of the excessive number of SKUs. These orders are usually considered as trustworthy because of the long business relationship that the stores have formed with the particular vendor.

Moving Merchandise To The Floor & Stocking
~After the freight is unloaded in the warehouse, the freight is immediately moved to the sales floor. The freight is distributed into their particular aisles, but not yet stocked onto the shelves. This occurs only after all of the freight has been distributed onto the sales floor.
~Stocking requires that all the empty shelf spaces of a particular item are refilled with the incoming (freight) supply of the item. If the spaces are already filled to capacity, then the rest of the freight is usually stored on the top shelves of the aisles or kept in the warehouse.

Dropships (Non-ACE Orders)
Keeping inventory accurate for dropship orders requires a more manual process than receiving ACE orders. Practices such as creating SKU-level dropship purchase orders on the system for every item on order maintains accurate inventory values within your store. Without properly maintained inventory information for dropship items, you cannot run accurate Business Advisor reports or properly update accounting entries. And, you run the risk of misstating item value.

Dropships Procedure

BFS Receiving Procedure

RF Unit
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