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Customer Service


Customer Service
We provide exceptional service and creative solutions to enhance our customer’s lifestyles.
~Always smile and acknowledge every customer you encounter.
~No gum chewing, eating or drinking on the sales floor.
~No more than three customers waiting in line at the cash register.
~Practice good phone etiquette.
~Thank every customer for shopping with us.
~Wear your appropriate uniform, name badge and be neat and clean in appearance.
~Address our customers by name whenever possible.
~During peak hours, no freight delivery, projects or other issues that may take away from customer service.
~Apply our “No Hassle” return policy.
~8 ft. rule – must greet and assist customers within 8 ft.

Customer Complaint Resolution
Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts to provide helpful service and meet our customers’ needs, a customer is dissatisfied. They have a concern and want to express a complaint. One of the key factors impacting customer engagement levels is how well problems are handled. The way we respond to a customer complaint can determine if we have retained and strengthened our relationship with the customer or harmed it further. It is our chance to make things right for the customer and show them we care.

Usually a customer voicing a complaint wants two things:
~To express their feelings.
~To have the problem resolved.

Complaint Resolution Procedure

Phone Etiquette
A friendly greeting while answering the phone is just as important as the way you greet anyone in person. If you create a bad impression on the phone, that person may have a negative perception of our Company. You should treat callers the same way you treat someone when face to face, like an honored GUEST. By following the GUEST approach, you will be able to give legendary customer service over the phone. Follow this five step approach:
~Greet the customer
~Uncover the need
~Exceed expectations
~Strengthen the relationship
~Thank the customer 

Treat each and every customer as if they were a GUEST. By effectively addressing phone customers in the GUEST way, you will be showing your customers that their questions and relationship matters to you. You will be making the difference by creating a caring, helpful and friendly environment, all over the phone!


Mystery Shopper Program
MVL stresses the importance of customer service. The purpose of the mystery shopper program is to ensure superior customer service in each store. This is achieved through monthly “mystery” evaluations of each store. The criteria on which the evaluation grades are based on are exterior/ interior store appearance, employee service, purchase, and customer satisfaction.

Feedback is provided to the store’s management team. The mystery shopper will purchase an item and provide a brief description of their experience in the store. He/ she may even provide the name of the associate that assisted and the cashier’s name for follow up by the store manager. The company standard is 90%.

Phone Shop Program
The phone shop program is designed to assess the quality of customer service of each ACE Hardware and Ben Franklin Craft store. A phone call is made to each store and a series of questions are asked. The questions are consistent with the respective store to ensure a fair assessment. The purpose of the phone calls and questions is to evaluate the phone etiquette and product knowledge of the employees. The criterion that is used to grade the employees is based on the caller’s perception of the employee’s accessibility, approachability, and product knowledge. The results are given to the lead managers.

Phone Shop Assessment Sheet
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