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ACE Statement
The ACE Statement is the bill you receive from Ace that reflects all open billings and credits. It includes billings for items shipped from the Retail Support Center, drop ship items billed through Ace, merchandise credits, etc. The Ace statement also includes billings for services that Ace provides to your store for a fee. All new billings (asterisked items) in all the sections of the statement should be reviewed by the Office Manager/Manager/Owner to ensure that each line item is an accurate billing.

The statement is issued every other Friday. The electronic Ace Statement is available on ACENET on the Saturday after the statement is generated. The payment terms are net 10 days and the due date is always on a Monday. Payments should be made by the Electronic Statement Payment through the Automated Clearing House Network (ACH) method on ACENET. Electronic payments must be initiated by 2 p.m. CST on Tuesday following the statement due date to ensure an on-time payment. The ACE Statement procedure can be found in the office procedures compilation.

Office Procedures

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