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Our founders, Brother Tadami Kamitaki and Sister Matsuko Mizoguchi began MVL's start by joining the Ben Franklin chain in 1951. In 1952, Kamitaki acquired the franchise rights from the Ben Franklin National Corporation and opened stores in Oahu, the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. MVL later obtained ACE franchise rights with the acquisition of Hilo ACE, MVL's first ACE store. Today, Kamitaki and Mizoguchi's children continue to operate the family-owned business.

For the past 55 years, We, MVL, have been a locally owned and operated but nationally recognized chain of retail stores. Starting with our first Ben Franklin store in 1951 in Kahului, Maui, we have continued to grow and today have over 600 employees.

Under our repertoire, we have six Ben Franklin Crafts stores, eleven ACE Hardware stores, and two combo stores (hardware and crafts) in Hawaii. In addition to our local presence, our national presence includes a number of ACE Hardware stores in the Northwest -- three in Nevada, seven in Washington, and one in Oregon.

Maui Varieties, Ltd is the parent holding company of four subsidiary companies:
BFS, Inc. does business as Ben Franklin Stores and specializes in offering a wide assortment of items and new craft ideas for the crafter.
ACE Hardware Hawaii Inc. is a part of a worldwide company of ACE Hardware Stores committed to winning customers through legendary customer service.
Maui Varieties Investments, Inc. consists of real estate investments, maintenance and nursery operations.
Dean’s, Inc. imports and exports a variety of goods.

Mission Statement
We provide exceptional service and creative solutions to enhance our customer’s lifestyles.

To become the best operating chain of independent craft and hardware stores in the country.

To provide customers the best possible shopping experience with a wide selection of desired merchandise in a clean and friendly store, managed by an exceptional attitude toward service.

To develop an organization of people with superior Attitude, Intelligence, and Enthusiasm (AIE) and to create an environment and opportunity to maximize the potential of every single person.

Core Values
We treat others, as we would want to be treated.

We work as a team and share our success and responsibilities.

We hold ourselves to be responsible and accountable.

We conduct ourselves in an ethical manner, with integrity and honesty.

We have a passion for success.

We develop our people to their full potential.

Results Of Applying Core Values
Satisfied and loyal customers.

Dedicated employees.

Accomplishment of extraordinary feats.

Consistent performance.

The 7 Keys to Retail Profit
1. Spread your merchandise investment over the maximum number of fast-turning, wanted items.
          ~Right type, style, or kind.
          ~Popular appeal.
          ~Real value.
          ~Popular price.
          ~Right packaging.
Put out on display the greatest possible proportion of the merchandise you own.
          ~Sell convenience merchandise.
          ~Arrange displays to minimize shrinkage via stealing.
          ~Display reduces markdowns.
          ~Allocate departments to maximize sales.
          ~Display reduces “running out” of stock.
          ~Space equals increased sales volume.
3. Name the prices that customers favor and plainly price-ticket everything.
          ~Find the price where buying bulks.
          ~Stay consistent in price ranges.
          ~Some prices kill sales.
          ~Price tickets generate sales.
4. Keep your store friendly, pleasant, and interesting.
          ~Three appeals to trade.
               -The physical store
The personnel.
               -Merchandise bargains.
          ~Fresh displays pull people.
          ~Novelty means repeated visits.
5. Induce buying in every possible way, every minute of every day.
          ~Small gains equal big profits.
          ~Selling is salvation.
6. Use merchandise control figures and run your business where you want it to go.
          ~A store is a profit machine.
          ~Markdowns can be murderous unless controlled.
          ~Discounts are a great source of profit.
          ~Faster turnover leads to higher profits.
          ~Age of your merchandise affects profits.
7. Buy frequently and modestly to get fast turnover.
          ~Excessive stock in some items suffocate buying power and in turn contributes to loss in sales.
Buy what customers want to buy.
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