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Time Clock/Sheet
Federal and state laws require that all non-exempt employees record their daily hours worked. This is done on our TimePro system. It’s absolutely essential that each employee accurately records the time worked and acknowledges or clock in his/her hours worked by signing the time card at the end of each weekly period. No employee may make an entry on another employee’s time record. Overtime must be authorized in advance by store management.

Payroll Schedule
A typical work week beings with Sunday and ends on Saturday. Paychecks are batched and processed bi-weekly or every two weeks. Paychecks are normally available for distribution on Fridays, by 5 p.m. If a holiday falls on Friday, checks will be distributed on Thursday. Your salary is a confidential matter. You should not disclose this information to others.

Accessing Payroll Schedule
~Log on to the MVL intranet site.
~Click on the Human Resources tab.
~Click on the HR Documents link.
~Click on the Payroll folder.
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