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The company is committed to hiring the best so that it achieves optimum performance. The Human Resources Department regularly posts job openings on the Company Intranet site and in the HR Department. The Store also posts openings relevant to its operations. Employee referrals are encouraged and incentives may be available.

The Company wants to provide employees with opportunities for growth and development while employed and have various training programs available for them. Employees are encouraged to apply for promotions, transfers, and/ or assignments within the Store and possibly other locations.

Processing New Hires
Before hiring, the following forms must be submitted and processed:
~Job Application
~Reference Checks
~Direct Deposit Pay Deduction Authorization
~Handbook Acknowledgement Form
~Substance Abuse Policy & Drug Test Results
~Customer Service Agreement
~Notification of Cobra Rights
~Internal Medical Consent Form
~Wage Rate and Payroll Schedule
After hiring, the following forms must be submitted and processed:
~Personnel Action Form (PAR)
~Employment Eligibility (I-9)
~Federal Tax Withholding (W-4)
~State Tax Withholding (HW-4)
~Work Permit (if applicable)
~EE0-1 Form

 Accessing New Hire Forms
~Log on to MVL intranet site.
~Click on the Human Resources tab.
~Click on the HR Documents link.
~Click on the New Hire folder.
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