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It is the company’s policy to pay each employee in accordance with their skill, performance, experience and the labor market. The company strives to provide competitive pay rates and benefits for its employees. Whether your pay is determined by an hourly rate or straight salary, it is based mainly on your individual performance in your specific job function and other factors determined solely by the company.

Your compensation is confidential and should not be disclosed to fellow employees. All questions regarding your pay should be directed first to your manager, and then to the Human Resources department.

Job Description
Your job description is the written record of major duties and responsibilities for your position. Your supervisor will make the assignment of the duties and responsibilities, which constitute your position. Duties performed only occasionally are not normally included in your job description. Your supervisor will may assign other duties to your position at any time, with or without notice. If your job description is inaccurate or incomplete, discuss the matter with your supervisor.

Personnel Action Report (P.A.R.)
~The Personnel Action Report is necessary to report any personnel actions. This includes new hires, pay, position, status changes, and terminations.
~Important: Because this form affects your year end W2 wage statement, make sure your personal information is always correct and current.
~Please submit a new form if you ever need to change your personal information such as:
   -Name (a new Social Security Card is required)
   -Phone Number
   -Emergency Contact

Performance Appraisal
Introductory Period Appraisal
New employees entering the company are required to serve an introductory period of three months. This gives you the opportunity to show your ability by actual work on the job. Your supervisor will evaluate your performance before making a recommendation as to whether you should continue your employment with the company.


Annual Performance Appraisal
You should receive a formal annual performance rating at least once a year. Your store manager makes this evaluation by comparing your performance with the performance standards established for your job. Ask your store manager for the areas on which your performance will be measured. When you receive a performance appraisal, you should take the opportunity to discuss your performance with your store manager. You should sign the performance appraisal document to show it was reviewed with you and submit your own comments on the appraisal.

Accessing Performance Appraisal Forms
~Log on to MVL intranet site.
~Click on Human Resources tab.
~Click on the HR Documents link.
~Click on the Reviews folder.
~Click on the Templates folder.
~Select desired position.
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